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Recreation and Epilepsy

Many sports and recreational activities are safe and beneficial for people with epilepsy. They reduce the stress that sometimes triggers seizures and also maintain fitness and bone mass levels Participation in sports and recreational activities should be discussed with your medical professional.

There are, however, some sports and recreational activities that are not advised or extra caution may be necessary. For example, some activities pose a greater risk than others due to the possibility of  head injury. Or if a person has uncontrolled seizures, then swimming is not advisable without constant supervision. Swimming with a companion, preferably an experienced swimmer, is recommended for anyone who has seizures. Swimming in a pool is safer than swimming in open water.              

It is also important to use the appropriate safety gear (e.g. helmets, floatation devices, etc.) and to avoid related problems such as low blood sugar, dehydration, or overexertion which could increase the risk of seizures.

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