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Kids on the Block

This highly acclaimed Kids on the Block puppets are a troupe of life-sized puppets with and without disabilities designed to teach children to understand and accept differences in one another. They bring forth a very empowering message, “We all belong.” This educational program seeks to create an awareness that helps all children to realize their full potential and deal positively with their misconceptions and concerns.

Using the ancient form of Bunraku Japanese puppetry skills, the four-foot puppets come alive and share important information on seizures and epilepsy–the brain condition that 175,000 children (in Canada) live with every day. The puppeteers perform two delightful scripts followed by an interactive dialogue with Brian McDaniel, the puppet that has epilepsy. Brian shares his personal experiences with seizures and reduces the fear, stigma, teasing and bullying that often accompanies seizures. He empowers all children living with seizures or any physical or medical disorder to feel safe, accepted and supported in their school.

The Kids on the Block are proudly sponsored by The Terry Mahon Foundation.

There is no cost for your school. Once you book a performance, two professional performers will arrive at your school with all the gear, props, music and puppets. All performances are approximately one hour in length and are designed for children throughout the elementary grades.

Here are some comments received after KOB performances, book yours today!

 “This puppet presentation was excellent. You can’t improve-it was excellent!” Teacher at Rutherford School

“The puppet show was excellent! The class was captivated.” Teacher at Mee-Yah-Noh School

“The presentation has inspired the students to educate others about epilepsy. An awesome job!” Teacher at St Joseph School 


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